I have been very blessed in my life so far.  I have a wonderful, sensitive husband who cares about me and loves me unconditionally even though I’m a bit psycho. I have 2 young sons aged almost 4 and almost 2 who bring me so much laughter and tears. My oldest has told me no less than 100 times this week how much he loves me and my youngest [my booby monster] has rained sloppy wet kisses on my daily. I am a stay at home mother. I have a family and extended family that cares about me and  I have a home and can afford food and life’s luxuries.
    There are many who are not so blessed.
    The other day I drove past a heavily pregnant woman holding a sign outside Sam’s Club. The sign said that she only needed $35 dollars to be able to stay in the motel for the night. As  I drove past my heart was pulled. I went home and took $100 out of a piggy bank. I didn’t want the lady to get bothered for trying to break $100 bill so I went to home depot and bought so ornaments to break the bill. I then went to the lady and handed her an envelope with $92 dollars in it and walked away. I know those $92 won’t take a way her poverty but I believe it did allow this woman a reprieve from the noon day sun. I don’t know how she spent the money and it isn’t my business.
    Afterwards, I felt like I benefited by getting the ornaments so I went to the grocery store and bought a “thanksgiving” food box for the needy. So although the lady did not get the full $100,  I at least gave the full $100. 

    I am not saying this to shine my halo. I’m writing this because I am constantly fighting with my greedy selfish heart. I begrudging spend $2.99 on juice boxes for the boys, or $5 for meat for dinner or $20 for a pair of jeans. I am a penny counter but ironically I like food shopping and clothes shopping[ for the boys]… I just try to get the best bang for my dollar…… although it would help if  I was a coupon cutter as well….

    My point is I know I am blessed! Very blessed! Surprisingly, this is a burden because I realize how truly ungrateful I am at times and how often I do not share my blessings enough.


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