let us try again: 1st post

    At the advice of family and friends who think I am way too opinionated I am starting a blog.
    I can’t promise correct grammar, spelling or punctuation. I can’t promise an interesting opinion either. I pretty much can’t promise anything other than saying what is on my mind.
    So let us start:
    I believe in God and Jesus… meaning I am a Christian… although I am often times a poor example of one.
    I am married to a man who is on his own journey to become an Episcopal priest… Imagine me a priest’s wife?! Yikes! Lord knows we will both need divine mercy!
    I am a mother of 2 wonderful boys. Wonderful meaning they are kicking my ass and I’m on my knees daily praying for God to give me strength. Actually, it isn’t that bad but sometimes I wonder….. 

    My Opinions:
    I believe that most mothers should at least attempt breastfeeding or provide breast milk. I think there should be a better support system in place for women to be able to breastfeed infants as well as toddlers around family and in public.
    I believe in genital integrity for all minors. Which means I don’t believe in non-therapeutic routine infant/child circumcision. I believe that sometimes there is a medical need for circumcision but if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing so leave it the hell alone!!! An adult can choose any alterations
    I think our health care system and education system is crap but I know I don’t have the knowledge or know-how to fix it and I don’t believe the politicians do either. I did go to college and I did receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Studies Education and this in no way makes me qualified to pass judgments on our educational system. However, I grew up in this educational system and that is what makes me qualified to judge it and find it lacking.
    I have had good health insurance, poor quality health insurance and been without health insurance so I can pretty much say I hate our health system and say to from either side of the fence.
    I do vaccinate my children because I do think vaccines do help most people. However, I do think that some people have been legitimately injured by vaccines and that there should be more legitimate and proper studies done that are not funded by drug companies.

    I am full of opinions, beliefs and thoughts and the above mentions is only scratching the surface of my confused and cluttered mind…. so I hope, I hope that at some point I actually make sense.


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