I need coffee

Infant Coffee – 6 Tips for Coffee Drinking Parents (INeedCoffee.com).


I thought this was an all too true article. Before I got married I was going to college and working at Barnes and Noble in Miami. I was downing 2-8 cups [8 oz-cups] of coffee a day between my morning cup(s), my class break cup(s) and my work break cup(s). Then I got married and was working at a school. The coffee continued to flow in my veins. In fact if I skipped my morning cup of coffee I got headaches. I was so hooked that on my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic I had to have family friends try to brew me a cup of American Coffee because the espresso, although extremely strong and very caffeinated, didn’t hit my body correctly so I was jittery with headaches. No good.

Anyways, then I found out I was pregnant the first time. I can’t remember but I assume I cut out all caffeine. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage in the first trimester. With my second pregnancy I switched to decaf and detoxed the caffeine out of my system. Although, I did occasionally indulge in a white chocolate mocha coffee… yum! After my first son was born I was solely on decaf. Then some family friends came to dinner and brought little espresso cups and espresso with them. So I made the espresso and me and my nursing 3 month old were up and cranky throughout the night. Stupidly the next day I again tried the espresso and my little breastfeeder skipped his nap because he was hyped up on caffeine.

Unfortunately, my body had tasted the forbidden fruit of caffeine and I eventually switched from decaf to half-caf and then of course back to the FULLY CAFFEINATED!! With my 3rd pregnancy I continued to have my 1 weak 1/2 cup of coffee a day throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. My 2nd son is now about 22 month and still nursing. I am up to about 2-6 cups of coffee a day depending on if I go out for breakfast or meet up with a coffee drinking friend.

My addiction is now back to being well established. I drink more coffee than water. I know this is not good…. and to prove it I’m going to go down a few stolen gulps of water right now.



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