Kiss Me Booger Face

As I’ve said before I love my boys. I love their smiles and their laughter and given some space and time to consider I even love their tantrums, whines and eccentricities. I love their hugs and kisses.

I understand the saying boys will be boys. I understand that their behavior can change in a millisecond depending on hunger, thirst, boredom and tiredness. I understand they like mud, bugs, sticks, acorns and any other germ infested thing they can find….

However, I fail to understand how my boys can get so damn filthy when we stayed home all day. Their nails and feet are black. Clear snot is on my 2 year old’s face busy collecting any stray grain of dirt or food come into contact with his face. My oldest oftentimes smells like urine because he is mostly potty trained but still gets that initial droplet of pee on his undies that warns him of the impending potty break.

I try to keep a clean house…sort of.. I try to keep the boys clean and dry… most of the time. Yet, obviously I’m failing at something…. I cringe to think of my grandmothers or in-laws coming and seeing my boys in such a mess. But hey this is my mess and my life… what can I do? I am a Stay at home mom but I have never been a home maker. I am a mom but I’ll never be June Cleaver.

SO my kids have black feet and dirty nails 15 out of 24 hours a day. I can’t keep up with the steady stream of clear snot or the dribbles of pee. I hate cleaning… but I love my boys and I try hard to be a better mom and yes even a better home makers…I just wish the snot wasn’t so cold and wet on my cheek after my 2 yr old’s sweet kiss


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