It’s Party Time: Take 2

Yesterday, my oldest went to his first “friend-from-school” birthday party. He has been to family and family friends’ kid birthday parties but never to a birthday party of a child whose parent I did not know personally.

This birthday party was at a park. I had only met the father in passing and I knew the child by face and name. I was nervous. I was going to a stranger’s son’s birthday party. How do I act? What do I wear? AM I really this paranoid?

I drove my husband crazy!

You would have assumed it was my birthday party and strangers were invited! sheesh!

This park has at least 3 separate entrances and if you go in the wrong one…well then you have to get back in the car and drive back out and play peek-a-boo until you find the right entrance which will lead you to the designated party shelter… Let’s just say we entered all three entrances before locating the designated shelter!

Although my oldest was the one invited to the party the father had said it was ok to bring my youngest son as well. So we came as a family. Immediately, my sons went on the rented bouncy slide while I introduced myself to the mom and assorted family members.

I had the usual interesting mom conversations about potty training, picky eaters and why the heck we decided to  be a WAHM or A SAHM. …. oh and we talked about food… yummy glorious delicious food… hehehe

The boys played and played and played and then it was cake time. My oldest kept trying to blow out the candle and eat the icing during the happy birthday song. But he surprised me by restraining himself during present time and not grabbing any of the presents.

The boys were angels. I was so proud of them.


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