The whiner

Currently, I am sitting in my almost 4 yr old’s room, on the cold tile floor waiting and waiting for him to fall asleep. He is NOT! He is Whining!!!
This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t occur almost every night and if I hadn’t just left his almost 2 yr old brother’s room… Aka: the boob-inator.
So every night I rock and nurse my youngest, and my husband either reads to or let’s my oldest watch a few short cartoons at bedtime in his room. Then after the boob-annihilator falls into a deep enough sleep to allow my stealthy escape from his greedy, grubby grasp I go into the screeching pits of hell to kiss my darling demon child good night and wait out his weaselly whines. So, between the 2 boys, 1-2 hrs of my evening are spent on the ferris wheel of boob and whines, boob and whines… Hell that sounds like my days as well.
The one saving grace to this nightmare is my iPhone. I can read, blog and social network to my heart’s content, until I’m bored to tears or the kids finally fall into that blissful oblivion called sleep…. Whichever comes first.

Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The reason I go through this every night is because I love my children. I don’t believe in the Cry-it-out method… Well I don’t let them CIO alone. I’m in the room miserable with them. I’ll nurse, hug, kiss, hold, and rock them if necessary but when all else fails I’ll stay with them until sleep comes because I am their mom…. And no one likes to be alone. (oh and sometimes I lose it and yell a lot… As if yelling will make him go to sleep any sooner… Yes I can be that freaking stupid)

Ps: he is still whining! Gotta give him points for persistence. Which reminds me… I need to pick up my refill on my Zoloft!!!!!!


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