Night Weaning

Oh boy, I’m through! Through! through! through! well at
least I’m trying to be. For the passed 2 weeks or so my youngest,
aged 23 months, [who still nurses] has either not wanted to nurse
to sleep [still wants boobie just doesn’t fall asleep at bedtime
like usual] or wakes up several times a night, nurses but doesn’t
go back to sleep, like he used to. So I’m instituting our night
weaning. I don’t care if he nurses during the day or even at
bedtime, but we are stopping the midnight/early morning [read 3am]
nursings. 2 nights ago he woke up 2 times, once at 11pm and the
next time at 3:30am. I put my glasses on, grabbed my life-jacket
[aka: iphone], sat inthe rocking chair by his bed and held his hand
if he needed me. If he sat up, I’d peer over my glasses and bark
“lay down” at him. He’d whine “no” but he’d lay down. Eventually,
after2 reading facebook, and the news or watching movies on
my iphone with subtitles a Last night he slept until 6:30am. Around
7am I gave in and gave him boobie because well he was up for the
day and wasn’t going back to sleep.


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