Circumcision Stance

My sister asked me for my opinion on this matter for a school paper. She said she didn’t want a list of medical facts just an opinion. I’m not sure if it was a 1 sentence opinion or the never-ending response I wrote her.
My opinion:
Circumcision is a very very personal opinion for a man to make. Like any body modification be it a tattoo, piercing, liposuction, and other cosmetic surgeries, circumcision is a decision a man goes into knowing it will be painful but something he wants to do. He can choose whether to have a loose cut with some foreskin left or a tight cut with little to no foreskin left. The man needs to discuss his preferences with the doctor and make sure the doctor follows his desires.
Circumcision is a personal decision only the owner of the penis can make. However, many in our society believe it is the parent’s choice to modify the infant male’s genitals to suit their preference. They use excuses like hygiene, like father like son, teasing in the locker room, personal sexual preference and supposed partial protection from STIs and UTIs to advocate and defend their choice to circumcise their infants. These excuses are either lame or actually have been disproven.
Knowledge on the purpose of the foreskin is never given. The foreskin protects the sensitive glans from poop and pee in a diaper by being fused to the glans and not allowing bacteria and such onto the glans. A newly circumcised infant is exposed to possible infections through this open wound.
The infant is also allowed to go through this procedure sometimes without adequate anesthesia and then not given follow-up medication. An adult is given prescription medication but an infant might be given Tylenol? Tylenol!!!
Lacking medical need circumcision on an infant or young child is unethical and wrong.
The first rule in medicine is do no harm [well its not in the Hippocratic oath but it is understood] and yet doctors are cutting off healthy skin tissue because the parents want the doctor too. What? A parent cannot ask the doctor to remove all the child’s finger nails or the ear lobes because they believe it looks better and have less chance of getting hurt later in life. But because circumcision is so culturally and socially acceptable we allow our youngest and most defenseless members to undergo cosmetic surgery and the risks that entails. These risks include pain, shock, excessive bleeding, infection, later re-circumcision and in rare cases death from the blood loss, infection or heart problems exacerbated by the needless infant surgery.My opinion is that circumcising infant without a legitimate medical need/emergency is wrong and should be opposed/stopped by the medical community.
Adult male circumcision is the man’s choice and is fine with me.

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