Simply Not So simple

2 years old

Yesterday, my youngest turn 2 yrs old. I can remember where
and approximately when he was conceived. His older brother seemed
to instinctively know I was pregnant even before I did because he
would lift my shirt and kiss my belly. It was weird…. Until we
found out I was pregnant then it made sense. My oldest loved my
belly. After bath time he would sit or stand on my belly and give
me hugs and kisses. I was 5 days over the estimated due date the
doctors gave me. When I finally went into labor I rushed to the
hospital because I’d never gone into labor naturally and was
nervous on the 1/2 hour drive. Well I was only fingertip dilated
and stayed that way all day until they gave me pitocin, broke my
waters and face me an epidural. All things I had wanted to avoid
but caused by heading to the hospital to early and well once I’m
there I only want to leave. My youngest was born between 5:15-5:30
weighing in at 8 lbs 14 oz I think. He could have been born earlier but the nurse didn’t check me and when I asked how would we know she said it would feel like a bowel movement. Well I had a feeling on pressure for about 30 minutes but not like a had to poop. Anyways, he was born after about 5 pushes. Bruised and with bloody looking eyes, looking nothing like his brother.

He nursed like a champ. Although, I was pissed the nurses kept trying to do a glucose test
on him for like 15 mins. I almost jumped out of the bed I was so
furious. [damn epidural prevented me] Give me my damn baby!!! Thankfully, this time no one asked
me 6 times if I wanted him circumcised like they did with my
oldest. He was totally different from my first and he never received formula in the hospital.  He was calm and
content from the start.

He co-slept until 5-7 months, didn’t like baby foods, didn’t
like to nurse in public because he was to distracted, and didn’t
like bottles at all.

He is starting potty training and still nurses
about 3-6 times in a 24 hr period.

He loves toy story and Diego.

Lately, I’ve read so much more on natural birth and how it should go that I wish I could go back in time and do his labor and birth over. Well I can’t and I’m done having children so no use crying over spilled milk.


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