Mommy groups- my take

My previous post was not of my own creation but I had to share it. I posted the link so hopefully copy right laws aren’t broken.

Most of my current friends that I see frequently I met through a mom’s group on in 2007 or met through a mom from that mom’s group.
Example I met my friends S and L through glamour moms (no I’ve never been glamourous). Through S I met H. S met H through the hospital birthing class. I met H while with S at a gymboree play class.
S,L and H are my main circle of friends. If not for the original mom’s group we wouldn’t be friend’s. We are different. We are opposites. We don’t always click well…. But we share in the joys and miseries of this thing called parenthood. Being a stay at home mom can be lonely but having this group of women to commiserate with has been invaluable. I can take the good things and the bad things I watch them do and either apply it to my circumstances or even see myself mirrored in them.
They have been there for me and are still here almost 4 yrs later. 3 1/2 yrs of my life I’ve known these women and their children. My children have grown up with their children and although I will move in less than a year and maybe in a few years they will be but s memory, I know they have still made a difference in my life.
Yes, we only know each other because we had kids around the same time and were bored. Yes, we get on each others nerves. Yes, we may lose touch but the laughter, conversations and companionship we’ve garnered through these years is tangible…. I’m thankful… Even in my jealousy and insecurity at times I am thankful.


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