Well my oldest turned 4 yrs old 2 days ago. Wow! I’m still in shock! Time is passing so fast and he is growing up. Although I have to admit I love this age better than the baby/toddler age!

Yesterday both boys went for their yearly check up.
My oldest is 39 lbs
My youngest is 27 or 28 lbs (I don’t quite remember)

Poor things they both got 4 vaccinations. I’m still on the fence about vaccinations but thankfully they’ve never had any issues or reactions.

Oh! Night weaning is off and on depending on circumstances of that particular day.
We pushed the boys’ beds together so there is room for me to sleep there. Usually between 12:30-3:30 my youngest will get up and I’ll have to go lay down with them…. Sigh

I can’t wait to go to Tennessee this weekend without the boys. Just became hubby! Yeah! Vacations!


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