So middle of the night weaning is a success! Morning, afternoon and before bed nursing is still active! My mom tells me to just do it cold turkey but I can’t. I think to her it is a 2 yr old on the breast sucking the breast. To me it is my baby, a young toddler “nursing” for comfort and some milk.
Anyways, we are back to nursing before bed. I am back in the rocking chair and nursing him to sleep. Once he is asleep I lay him down in his bed next to his brother… Then I lay next to his brother, my oldest, say a prayer and hold him until he too is asleep.
This is peaceful and sometimes I fall asleep…. Way different from a yr ago when I used to yell at my oldest to get back in bed, no not another story, no I can’t stay in the room… Etc…
Now there is peace…..

On another note both boys sometimes wake up at night and come to my room. I simply get up and go when them to their room and sleep on their bed with them. (we pushed two twin sized beds together)
Some people may not like the arrangement we have but it is working better for me… For the most part….

Side note: don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but come the end if summer we are moving to TN for my hubby to do seminary…..


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