Stitches and sleep stories

Well 6 days ago as we were getting ready for the boys bedtime my youngest dare devil managed to jump forehead first into the window sill instead of his pillow. 6 stitches and 2 hours later we were finally able to complete bedtime.
The stitches just came out today. Hopefully, with consistent use of scar cream he won’t have a nasty scar…. And well if he does it will make an interesting story or even lie.

My goodness though my mind was racing and calm at the same time. I know thus won’t be my last hospital trip with the boys.

My oldest told me today that he wanted to sleep story (dream) about snakes and spiders… Um ok! Sure go right on ahead kiddo!
He got the term sleep story from the “land before time” tv series.

For the moment I’ve decided to revert into a private blog. I need to delete some pics and maybe even some posts. In this age of technology you don’t know who is looking at your info and for now I’d prefer that be only me.
We shall see.


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