Unheeded advice

My heart has once again been pierced with an indescribable pain. Twice in less than 2 months I have advocated to 2 mothers about leaving their sons as God created them and both times they have chosen to irrevocably alter their sons’ bodies through the unnecessary amputative surgery called circumcision.

I know I shouldn’t care but it pains me because I can imagine the pain the child goes through both during the surgery and afterwards during the healing process.. I am queasy about surgeries and can’t figure out why people would torment their child electively. If the body part is healthy there is no reason to perform surgery. Any body part can become diseased, defective or infected but we don’t preemptively decide which body part should be removed without cause.
I know these parents love their sons deeply but why couldn’t they accept their sons as they were born??? Did they research? Did they read that it truly isn’t necessary? That all those studies about infections and such have been refuted?

My heart breaks for these boys. Yes they are loved… Very much so by their parents, but I also think their parents did them a disservice.
Many will disagree with me but that doesn’t erase my tears for these poor boys.they are not my children but I still ache for them.
Hopefully, they heal without any complications either short-term or long term.


I know that many fathers are circumcised and see no harm in continuing the practice but just because they think it caused them no noticeable harm doesn’t mean the practice should be continued. The practice should be questioned. Why are we chopping bits of sexual anatomy off our children, off our boys?


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