In The Quest For Pets

Up front I’m going to state we don’t want anymore pets. However, somehow we continue to add to our family….

Last weekend, we bought 2 feeder goldfish[at the bidding of our 4 yr old, and they promptly died within 48 hrs…. Then yesterday, the boys caught 3 good-sized small toads and I bought them some small pet store crickets to munch on. The toads will be released tomorrow but dude, we are always getting animals. is it that I can’t say no to my 4 yr old or that I can’t say no to my inner child.

I remember being a kid and wanting to take home every stray and have it be my pet….my parents had different ideas though and sadly none of the animals I found ever got a home with me….

Either way, whether it is mine or my 4 yr old’s fault we have currently in our house 3 dogs, 3 hermit crabs and 3 small toads……


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