Freedom? No, not a chance….

Well the home for the hermit crabbies fell through. When it came down to the line the person said no. My mom and darling husband keep trying to get me to “set the free” by the beach…. Um… NO NO NO!!!!

1) they are captive bred

2) they are not native to Florida

3) since they are not native here, there is no population to deposit them in.

4) they are my pets and my responsibility and if no one will care for them for me then I must do so…..

Maybe my crabs are a lot like me… Sociable and gets along with others of my kind but also just like to hide under my coconut hut and pretend I’m elsewhere. I’m also used to my captivity. I’m not a roaring adventurer seeking the next thrill or even a person who has to fight for my survival be it in the wilds of the jungle or the wilds of the city. I’m comfortable with my coconut hut. I can climb on top and waves my legs if I want. I can when and what I want to eat out of what is available around me and most of my needs are met. I am comfortable in my captivity. God forbid someone dump me in the middle of a forest and say “Hey chica, enjoy your freedom. Live long and prosper.”

…… i don’t know where I’m going with this blog post. I just I’m just rambling without a point. I’m just feeling sort of down today. The kiddos have been in fighting form the last couple of days and my emotional reserves are slim.Yesterday, I chewed my husband out over a toy present he selected for a birthday party for 10 minutes because it wasn’t what I wanted him to pick up. Did I need to do that? NO! He did me a favor in picking up the present and I was an unappreciative witch.

How am I supposed to be a priest’s/pastor’s wife if I cannot hold it together in my own home…..

anyways, enough moping and whining… gotta go


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