peaceful parenting: Russell Crowe on Circumcision

link: peaceful parenting: Russell Crowe on Circumcision.

my words below:

I read the tweet on twitter that Mr. Crowe originally did. I think he was trying to tackle a controversial topic and make it a bit lighter by adding some unfortunately Jewish stereotypes which caused an anti-Semitism accusation to be thrown at him.

So many people totally missed the point about him saying that circumcision was wrong and solely focused on the possible interpretation of negativity in his words instead of the real negativity associated with the act of forced genital cutting.

It just goes to show that in order to spread the message of intactivism and the anti-circumcision movement intactivist  (people opposing circumcision] needs to speak with diplomacy in order to be really heard.

Please speak with tact and diplomacy when presenting intactivist/anti-circumcision information so that people hopefully hear the message that forced genital cutting of minors is wrong. Because no matter how necessary it is to spread the message and how forced genital cutting of minors may horrify you if you let your emotions rule your responses, people won’t hear you. People who feel attacked only see the attack not the help you are willing to offer to help them heal themselves and their children.

(I typed this fast sorry if it doesn’t make much sense)


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