Cut and Paste

Hello, I’m just wanting to state why so many of my blog posts are simply copy/paste blog posts of other authors…particularly concerning circumcision.

well, I’m on a fan page on facebook called The Whole Network and other intactivists regularly post either their blog posts or someone elses and this is my way of sharing that information.

Sometimes, internet searches are strange and pertinent links or articles may not show up under certain word searches so I figure I’ll do my part by having other’s posts somewhat linked to mine.

I’m still not technically minded so just a simple copy/paste is all I know how to do.

To all fellow pro-intact and children bodily integrity rights activists keep up the fight…. some say there are bigger things to worry about than circumcision of non-consenting, and without medical need, healthy  minors and I agree there are…. and those fights are being fought and this is good… but it doesn’t make circumcision without true cause any less harmful or wrong. Keep speaking up!


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