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just so I have it in my hands for my pastoral spanish class.

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Guggie Daly: be gentle

Remember most parents truly love and adore their kids even if they make choices you may disagree with. So be gentle.
Excerpts from guggie daly blog.

A Gentle Reminder When Discussing Circumcision
Surely it would be wise for us to remember that perhaps the parents you meet online who consented to circumcision on behalf of their children did not realize fully what circumcision was or what it would do to their sons. Some might have even been coerced into it, or had their sons taken away without notice.

If these parents are honestly reading any links you posted or thinking about your reasoning, it would be a good time to support them in their journey as they begin to realize the horror of what they cooperated in, the grief crashing down upon them, and finally the betrayal and guilt of being swept into this culture of hurting babies.

Routine circumcision is the act of taking a healthy, living, functioning baby and performing surgery without medical indication:

The baby is not sick. The baby does not have a congenital defect. But a part of the body is removed through surgery. And some of these babies die.

In other words, all of those 100-200 deaths were 100% preventable. Every single one of those babies should be alive today. As I’ve quipped before:

“Nothing in life is 100% safe, but medically unnecessary circumcision is 100% preventable.”

These musings led me to post a status on Facebook:

It’s interesting how people are so quick to dismiss the 100s of babies who die from forced circumcision annually as a “minute number.” Meanwhile in our society, even the hint of a death is enough to recall toys, 30 deaths is enough to recall every single crib ever made, 14* deaths resulted in an entire industry change for babywearing and 77* choking deaths resulted in the AAP asking to change hotdog shapes. But death by circumcision doesn’t count?

I wanted to contrast our society’s behavior towards infant deaths caused by other industrial products compared to our behavior towards infant deaths caused by circumcision.


Differences: Warning graphic pics

Holy cow! I just saw this on the Peaceful parenting website
Follow the link at your own discretion.
There are pictures of the differences between intact and circumcised infant and adult male genitalia.

I didn’t write this. I am just passing this on…. Like pasting a link on Facebook…

Excerpt: below is without the pictures. You must follow the link to see the difference.

“The penis and clitoris are analogous and homologous organs: they perform similar functions, share a common design, and biologically develop from the same tissues inutero. The glans (head) of the penis or clitoris is an internal organ. It is meant to remain covered for the majority of its livelihood, in similar nature to the way that the eyeballs are covered for a good portion of our lives (when we blink or sleep), and the way the ends of our fingers and toes are protected by our nails.

If we surgically amputate the eyelids or fingernails, we will face the repercussions of making an organ that was designed to be internal, external. In order to survive this damage, the organ must adapt. To do so, a variety of features will change (both immediately, and progressively over the years): pH will be altered, temperature will no longer remain stable in that organ, moisture and lubrication levels will not be maintained, leading to dryness and potential chapping, antibodies and healthy microflora that previously served to protect will cease to exist, and callusing (the build-up of multiple hardened layers of skin) will take place. Our body may attempt to heal itself by forming skin bridges or re-adhesions over the amputation site. Our eyeballs and fingertips would become thick, dry, discolored, and no longer function in the manner they were designed to.

So it is the same with the glans of the penis or clitoris. If we remove the very organ, the prepuce, which serves to cover, protect and regulate the health, pH, temperature, lubrication, antibodies, movement and functioning of the genitals, we’ve altered form so dramatically that the purposes it was created to fulfill can no longer be realized.

Not only is this evident in research: human development and sexuality especially, but the dramatic difference is also readily apparent to any lay onlooker observing the intact human genitals versus those that no longer remain in their original whole state.

Female and male genital cutting, especially in the manner that prepuce amputation is carried out in U.S. style male circumcision surgery (most often via Gomco or Plastibell amputations), is not only immediately damaging to a newborn baby; it is also permanently altering and forever changing the adult male body, and impacts all future sexual partner(s) as well.”

Escape of the crickets

Damn it! The dumb dogs… Probably the fat cocker spaniel got into the cricket box and dumped out 1/2 (30-50) of the LIVE crickets into my bathroom.
So me and I hubby were massacring the damn crickets… At first hubby was wanting to catch them but I was like “hell no there are too many loose…. Kill as many as we can, I don’t want crickets loose and breeding in my house….”

Moreover, once the current supply of crickets is gone I may release the remain toads. I’ve googled them and I believe they are a species native to TN as well as Florida.


Today is quiet day for the seminarians. We are communing at a local convent/abbey(?).
There is a labyrinth there. I walked it, barefoot.
Our walk with God is like walking in this labyrinth. The closer I think I’m getting to God/the center, the further I am taken from Him/it at the next wall/turn…. Sometimes I walk in a hurried manner in an effort just to finish and sometimes my walk slows down as i get deep in thought. Sometimes the mulch underfoot is annoyingly rough, sometimes painful, sometimes sticking to my feet…. A reminder of where I’m at and drawing me back to the purpose of my journey on the labyrinth.
Finally, I reach the center if the labyrinth. The feel of success, the resting of my body and the calmness of my mind helps me send a prayer of adoration and thanks to my/our God.
Then I must turn around and make my way out of the labyrinth. Do I chose the winding path back of contemplation and worship? Or do I chose the quick and ease path of stepping over the low stone lined path and hurry back to my changing life?????



2 good books for boys and puberty

Knowing that eventually I will have to have the puberty talk with the boys in the next few years….(bit early) I decided to boys the teen-body section. The 2 books I looked at were very good about intact care.
The what’s happening book was very informative on the foreskin and it’s uses
And the other book only showed intact picture drawings.
Very good!



K-cups and eBay…part 2

So my k-cups which “expire” this month came in already. Very fast shipping! Yeah!
I openness the box. Put some in my 24 k-cup holder carousel (spelling) and started my coffee machine.
What came out was highly disappointing. Very weak looking but I drank it anyways…. Then I used the same k-cup to make a second cup (as usual for me) and it came out practically water…. So disappointed…. Until I opened the k-cup holder portion of the keurig….. Turns out my dumb butt left yesterday’s k-cup in the machine and did NOT put in a new k-cup after all….. Needless to say my next cup of coffee was not disappointing. My soon to be expired k-cups are good!!!!
After all coffee isn’t just one of those things that go bad because the expiration date has passed. Now would I use expired k-cups that are yrs passed expiration? Probably not… But I go through 1-2 k-cups a day or more depending on if company is over so I’m not worried about the expiration dates too much. Heck, I never even check the dates on coffee


Would we ever adopt? Yes. Are we ready now? No. Would we be able to adopt a child with special physical needs? I believe so. Would we be able to adopt a behaviorally unstable child? At this point in my life no. Maybe if I become a better more patient person.
Would we want to adopt a baby? Not really. We would prefer to adopt a child aged 4 and up.

I feel God is calling us to adopt. I just know that we are neither financial or emotionally ableto handle that kind of commitment now.

Excerpt: ‘Unethical and harmful’: the case against circumcising baby boys

Copy/paste link below. I did not write….

17 August 2011, 6.40am AEST
‘Unethical and harmful’: the case against circumcising baby boys

“For centuries, children have been subjected to cultural and medicalised practices that were ultimately proven harmful and a violation of basic bodily integrity. Such practices have included foot binding, forehead flattening, scarification and genital cutting.

In English-speaking countries, the practice of cutting the genitals of male children was gradually medicalised over a period of 150 years with the benign-sounding label “circumcision.”

Today, there is increasing awareness that infant male circumcision – once deemed a “parental choice” – is really an unnecessary, irreversible and harmful bodily modification.”……
………The human foreskin is a contiguous part of the skin system of the clitoris or penis.

In infant males, the foreskin is attached to the head of the penis (glans). The outer foreskin protects the more sensitive inner foreskin and the glans from abrasion and injury.”…..
……..Bioethics of a non-treatment surgery on minors
Surgery without consent is ethical only in cases for:

1) incapacitated patients, in order to save their life

2) minors, with proxy consent from a parent or guardian, but only for surgery that addresses an underlying condition.

Excision of an infant’s foreskin for dubious medical or cultural purposes is an anomaly. Because it removes healthy, typically-developed tissue, the procedure fails to meet either of the above conditions.

Circumcision of minors also stands in contradiction to other medical ethics principles, including:

Avoiding causing needless harm

Promoting the patient’s medical well-being

Providing information on a procedure that a reasonable person would deem significant.

Circumcision can cause skin bridges, haemorrhaging, infection, as well as major penile damage.”…………

Fix our harms

So many things i read saddens my soul. Is what we do intentionally with ignorance any better than what we intentionally do with knowledge?

Does a harm done with good intentions make it right? Does a good done accidentally make it wrong?
There are so many harms we inflict upon our children. Sometimes we think it is for their good. Sometimes they are done in anger. Sometimes they are done in ignorance. Sometimes they are do e accidentally. Sometimes these harms are inflicted intentionally. Sometimes we harm with our ignorance. Sometimes in spite of our knowledge. Sometimes against our instincts. Sometimes because of our cultural or familial influences.
Sometimes we harm with words. Sometimes with our actions. The harms can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We make mistake with our children. The main goal is to try to do better once we know more. We need to do better. Because our children come first. We need to admit our faults and mistakes but we can also admit the things we did/do well.

K-cups coffee and eBay

So I’m trying to get used to the life of a student or student’s family and realizing I need to spend less. This concept is really hard especially since I just started beading again and beads anin’t cheap.
So eBay is becoming my friend again. I set the parameters and see what I can get.
Well a few months ago my hubby bought me the keurig machine. I ordered from big cats coffee and I was in heaven. Only problem is you gave to buy $75 worth of stuff for free shipping or shipping is almost $10…. So I turned to eBay….
Yesterday, I bought 36 k-cup of coffee from an eBay vendor. Great! Except the expiration date is 8/11. (this month, this yr)…. Well I’m betting it’s a “best if used by date” and the fact that each pod is sealed shut should mean the coffee stays fresh….
My point is.. I love coffee… I’m now poor… I must make sacrifices… So buying expired k-cups is my sacrifice…. I know it’s a pretty weak sacrifice but i love coffee so it’s big to me.


I had 4 toads. I now have 3. I released one today. It wasn’t seeming to do as well as the others and I feared it may die if it stayed in captivity so released it in the hopes that it will survive in it’s new environment. Although the toad is from Florida, I believe it maybe a fowler toad (looked at pics) and thus also found in Tn so hopefully it will survive.
I know you shouldn’t relocate creatures but the toads are relatively native so hopefully no harm was done.

Joseph4gi and whole network

Have I mentioned that I love joseph4gi and the whole network???

Another excerpt:(link below) for statistics follow the links below….

A few select studies show a prevalence of HIV transmission in uncircumcised men, but real world empirical data shows that circumcision hasn’t stopped HIV in countries where there is already a prevalence of the practice of circumcision, nevermind the United States. Yet, for whatever reason, leaders at the WHO continue to endorse it as HIV prevention policy and millions are being spent on so-called “mass circumcision campaigns,” even in countries where HIV transmission was shown to be prevalent among the circumcised.

As if the waste of money weren’t bad enough, reports are showing that these “mass circumcision” campaigns are actually proving to be disastrous, as they are confusing African citizens, and many now believe to be fully protected by circumcision.

Something must be done to alert our world leaders. Millions of precious funds are being used to promote a worthless surgical procedure that leaves men with permanently altered organs, and they are no better protected. The false security that the promotion of circumcision creates is actually helping to facilitate the spread of HIV. Funds are already scarce, and they could be better spent promoting cheaper, less invasive modes of prevention that have actually been proven to be conclusively effective, such as condoms and education. In light of the real-world evidence, promoting a worthless surgical procedure is an impertinent disservice in the fight against HIV/AIDS and governments need to be told to stop. Africans deserve better.

Original article:

My blog

Sometimes, I feel self conscious that I’ve put my blog link on Facebook. Ido not direct post to my wall but the blog address is in my info. I guess I’ve made so many new “fb friends” that are real life acquaintances and friends that I’m scared they will think I’m some psycho. This blog is my outlet. It allows me to give voice to my activism interests without pressuring my fb friends and family to read about it on my wall. People have to actually choose to click the link. They have chosen to enter my “mind” and I have not forced my views on them. No one likes to be forced.
So if you are a real life acquaintance…. I’m not crazy just concerned! 🙂

Listen to the bananas —

I saw this life-hack about how you can lightly trace notes on banana skins with toothpicks and then the next day the notes will show up like magic.

The person writing the tip suggested writing sweet notes for your kids on their bananas.  I promptly went and traced notes on all of our bananas and then immediately forgot about it, until the next day when I heard Victor screaming about how the bananas were talking to him.

I acted like he was insane and like I couldn’t see any notes on the bananas, and asked if maybe he needed to go lay down and rest, but then he was all “I recognize your handwriting, dumb-ass.  Why are you writing threatening letters on the bananas?” and I was like “Because we were out of post-its?”  But then I finally admitted that I was just practicing, because I thought it would be funny to write paranoid demands on bananas at the grocery store, so that when people get them home they’ll be all “What the fuck?  Are these bananas talking to me?  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”  Then Victor just shook his head and walked out of the room.  Probably because he couldn’t stand how awesome I am.

PS.  I suppose you could also write sweet, complimentary things on anonymous bananas, like “You’re so beautiful” and junk, but honestly I think having a banana hitting on me would be way creepier than one telling me to “Act natural.  You’ll be contacted soon.”  It’s probably just me.

PPS.  I can only think of about 6 things to write on stranger’s bananas so if you have any suggestions, please leave them.

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sugar plum crepes with ricotta and honey | smitten kitchen

sounds yummy


sugar plum crepes with ricotta and honey

One of the things that has surprised me the most as I’m chugging my way along to my manuscript’s finish line is how little clear my vision was for it from the beginning, and how little I’ve erred from my original list of recipe ideas, as in real life, I am a bafflingly indecisive person. “What should we order for dinner?” can send me into a tailspin. “Which colander looks best from Amazon?” will lead me to read 30 minutes of reviews. And yet, half the recipes that are lined up for the book right now (except the breakfast section; we should definitely not discuss that again) are pretty much as I scribbled the ideas while my then-newborn was napping in the fall of 2009. It’s probably for the best I jotted it all down then because my brain has probably not been so centered for 5 minutes since.

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