Post circ trauma one mother’s story

This woman’s story about her son’s post circumcision trauma is so heart wrenching.
This story was a guest post on the guggie daly blog… Link and excerpt below. To read the entire post you may need to copy/paste the link below into your browser.

In the end the baby healed……

“….. and I found a sitter for our daughter and drove down to the office. We waited nervously in the waiting area, and were finally called back to the examining room. We weighed Noah; exactly 10 lbs. In retrospect, I wish he had weighed 10.1. But back then, we were delighted! He had gained so well but could still get circumcised.

We stripped Noah down to his diaper, I kissed his forehead and the nurse and my husband took him back to the procedure room. “Its okay, Mom,” the nurse said as they left, “It’ll only take a minute and he won’t feel a thing.”

They were gone for about 10 minutes. The longest 10 minutes ever. A tiny bit of doubt crept into my mind. Was I doing the right thing? I could run out there and yell no. It wasn’t too late. But I didn’t. I didn’t protect my baby when it was most important. I let them remove a part of my baby’s body and I didn’t say anything. Anything. After about 10 minutes, they all came back. Noah was quietly sucking on his pacifier. The nurse and Dad said, “It went great.” Dad told me about how they used anesthesia and my son hardly cried at all. That appeased my guilt. The nurse went over instructions on how to care for his penis, and we went home. Noah fell asleep in his car seat, and at home, I transferred him to his crib. After an unusually long nap, Noah awoke, crying hard. I tried to nurse him but he did not want to nurse. I was concerned, since it had been about 4 hours by then. I gave him some baby Tylenol as instructed by the nurse, and then laid him down to change his diaper.

I remember it clearly. Laying him down on the end of our bed. Leaning over my perfect son. Removing his diaper. My huge gasp brought our two-year-old daughter running. She shrieked when she saw my son’s bloody gauze-covered penis. “Mom!” She cried, “What happened?” I explained that he had been circumcised, in as simple words as possible. She continued to stare, horror stricken. I gently wiped his bottom. I tried to take the gauze off as directed to put more Vaseline on there. The gauze stuck. I quickly grabbed my phone to call Nurse Advice.

My sudden movement caused Noah to jump. He kicked his penis with his heel. And he, oh my sweet Lord, he tore off the gauze with his foot. Blood spurted everywhere. Blood on my hands. Blood on the diaper. Red drops everywhere. Screaming baby. My daughter screamed, “Mom, why did you let them do that to him?” My heart dropped to the bottom of my feet. I got some more gauze and put it on his penis. It’s okay, sweetheart. Mommy is so sorry. Please, oh please stop screaming. Breathe, sweet baby, breathe. Oh God, what have I done? The gauze quickly filled with blood. More blood. I realized he was hemorrhaging. Oh God, have I killed my baby?……….”


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