K-cups coffee and eBay

So I’m trying to get used to the life of a student or student’s family and realizing I need to spend less. This concept is really hard especially since I just started beading again and beads anin’t cheap.
So eBay is becoming my friend again. I set the parameters and see what I can get.
Well a few months ago my hubby bought me the keurig machine. I ordered from big cats coffee and I was in heaven. Only problem is you gave to buy $75 worth of stuff for free shipping or shipping is almost $10…. So I turned to eBay….
Yesterday, I bought 36 k-cup of coffee from an eBay vendor. Great! Except the expiration date is 8/11. (this month, this yr)…. Well I’m betting it’s a “best if used by date” and the fact that each pod is sealed shut should mean the coffee stays fresh….
My point is.. I love coffee… I’m now poor… I must make sacrifices… So buying expired k-cups is my sacrifice…. I know it’s a pretty weak sacrifice but i love coffee so it’s big to me.


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