K-cups and eBay…part 2

So my k-cups which “expire” this month came in already. Very fast shipping! Yeah!
I openness the box. Put some in my 24 k-cup holder carousel (spelling) and started my coffee machine.
What came out was highly disappointing. Very weak looking but I drank it anyways…. Then I used the same k-cup to make a second cup (as usual for me) and it came out practically water…. So disappointed…. Until I opened the k-cup holder portion of the keurig….. Turns out my dumb butt left yesterday’s k-cup in the machine and did NOT put in a new k-cup after all….. Needless to say my next cup of coffee was not disappointing. My soon to be expired k-cups are good!!!!
After all coffee isn’t just one of those things that go bad because the expiration date has passed. Now would I use expired k-cups that are yrs passed expiration? Probably not… But I go through 1-2 k-cups a day or more depending on if company is over so I’m not worried about the expiration dates too much. Heck, I never even check the dates on coffee


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