Guggie Daly: be gentle

Remember most parents truly love and adore their kids even if they make choices you may disagree with. So be gentle.
Excerpts from guggie daly blog.

A Gentle Reminder When Discussing Circumcision
Surely it would be wise for us to remember that perhaps the parents you meet online who consented to circumcision on behalf of their children did not realize fully what circumcision was or what it would do to their sons. Some might have even been coerced into it, or had their sons taken away without notice.

If these parents are honestly reading any links you posted or thinking about your reasoning, it would be a good time to support them in their journey as they begin to realize the horror of what they cooperated in, the grief crashing down upon them, and finally the betrayal and guilt of being swept into this culture of hurting babies.

Routine circumcision is the act of taking a healthy, living, functioning baby and performing surgery without medical indication:

The baby is not sick. The baby does not have a congenital defect. But a part of the body is removed through surgery. And some of these babies die.

In other words, all of those 100-200 deaths were 100% preventable. Every single one of those babies should be alive today. As I’ve quipped before:

“Nothing in life is 100% safe, but medically unnecessary circumcision is 100% preventable.”

These musings led me to post a status on Facebook:

It’s interesting how people are so quick to dismiss the 100s of babies who die from forced circumcision annually as a “minute number.” Meanwhile in our society, even the hint of a death is enough to recall toys, 30 deaths is enough to recall every single crib ever made, 14* deaths resulted in an entire industry change for babywearing and 77* choking deaths resulted in the AAP asking to change hotdog shapes. But death by circumcision doesn’t count?

I wanted to contrast our society’s behavior towards infant deaths caused by other industrial products compared to our behavior towards infant deaths caused by circumcision.


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