Unfair: another post from joseph4gi


The excerpt below is only a small portion of the well written blog article. Please copy and paste the above link to read the entire disheartening article.

“Legal Circumcision Battle Goes State AND Federal

Why a Legal Battle?
On September 30, 1996, a law was passed that would prohibit any form of female genital cutting on non-consenting minors. Even the mildest form of female genital cutting is condemned as “female genital mutilation,” and it is prohibited under federal law, without exempt for religious rituals. The law, of course, allows for medically indicated procedures, and would not criminalize a doctor if the procedure was medically or clinically warranted.

Last year, the AAP tried to endorse a “ritual nick” in girls, under the pretext that doing so might dissuade parents from taking their daughters abroad to other countries to have more severe forms of female genital cutting performed. The AAP admitted that the proposed “ritual nick” would dwarf in comparison with male infant circumcision. May 2010 would not end before there was a world outcry, and an embarrassed AAP was forced to retract their statement. The message was clear; under absolutely no circumstances were medical professionals ever to come near a girl’s vulva with a knife, not even for a “ritual nick.”

The establishment of such a law would seem like a noble gesture, were it not for a glaringly obvious inconsistency; the federal ban on female genital cutting (AKA female genital mutilation) protects members of only one sex against the needless cutting of their genitals, defying the 14th amendment, which says that citizens shall not be deprived of the equal protection of the law. While “religious freedom” and “parental choice” would never be enough to justify the slightest “ritual nick” in girls, for whatever reason, these are acceptable alibis for the circumcision of healthy, non-consenting boys.

To human rights activists who see the genital cutting of healthy, non-consenting individuals of either sex as mutilation, also known as “intactivists,” it seemed only logical that such a law which offered protection to only one sex ought to be challenged. If neither “religious freedom” nor “parental choice” are enough to justify the slightest “ritual nick” in girls, then it only follows that the same applies to boys. A law that views the genital cutting of one sex as “mutilation” regardless of “religious importance” but not the other is not only sexist, bigoted and self-serving in nature, but also unconstitutional. Boys deserve the same protection under the law.”…..

…..”MGM Bill organizers have a difficult enough time getting their voice heard, but even when they do, they’re faced with bias, if not outright ignorance from those in government who are supposed to set aside their own personal bias, listen to both sides of the debate and make a fair judgement.”……
……”The Problem With Circumcision “Protection” Laws
Perhaps the biggest problem with this legislation is that, like Mike Gatto’s law in California, it enacts as statute value judgements about circumcision that a state legislature cannot and should not be making. How are the medical claims in this law confirmed? Are there any urologists, pediatrics or epidemiologists sitting in Congress? Will evidentiary hearings in order to substantiate the claims about circumcision be held? Will the public have the opportunity to be heard at these hearings? Will we know what STDs children are at risk of contracting, for example? Precisely what “kinds of infection” does circumcision prevent, and do these “kinds of infection” have alternative treatment? Will we know how exactly circumcision “improves hygiene,” and why this “improvement” is needed? (Incidentally, in their last Circumcision Policy Statement, the AAP has specifically said that “there is little evidence to affirm the association between circumcision status and optimal penile hygiene.”) Will we know what are the risks and complications of performing circumcision on healthy, non-consenting individuals, especially infants? Will the functions of the prepuce be outlined in full detail?”……



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