Dude the toad

Well my last toad…Aka 3 Feet is getting huge… Actually/he/she (?) is fat
He is a weird toad. I noticed he ate the dead smashed crickets (the escapees a while back) i put for the hermits, so I tested my hypothesis that he was eating dead bugs by buying freeze dried meal worms and putting them in a shell dish. At first he didn’t eat them but when I added hermit crab “tiny nuggets”, the next morning the dish was clean!
Now those of you who have hermits know that the crabs eat very little… Very little…and after 2 weeks of meal worms, crab nuggets, random bugs, snails, worms and dog food 3 Feet is fat and seemingly content.
However, this seemingly slightly omnivorous toad is starting to make me question my assumption that he is an American toad. He looks like an American toad but everything I’ve read says that toads are hunters not scavengers and that they need prey to move (BUT that American toads have been known to steal dog food…)
I’m just debating on whether he is an American toad or a cane toad. Cane toads are very omnivorous and that is the only reason I question whether my toad is American or Cane.
Maybe his injury (loss of foot) caused him to be an opportunistic eater? Who knows…. All I know is that he eats dead bugs, live bugs, crab food and dog food…. I’ll post a pic soon.

(I have not checked for grammatical or spelling errors)



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