Three feet

Can anyone tell me what kind of tiad this is? This is my little friend named 3 feet as he/she has 4 legs but only 3 feet.
3feet eats dead bugs, live bugs, hermit crab food pellets and sometimes even dog food…. Weird I know!!!
3feet shares a large habitat with 3 medium sized purple pincher hermit crabs.
I noticed one day that the crabs’ food bowls was practically being licked clean and the fact that I saw 3feet in front of our smack cricket buffet for the crabs and then the smashed cricket buffet disappeared rather fast (over night 10-20 smashed crickets gone)
So I’ve bought dried meal worms, dried shrimp and dried blood worms and mixed these together to get a good variety. I also go out several times a week to look for worms and Rollie pollies.
3 feet has gained a lot of weight once being hijacked from the wild.
I feel guilty… But now what can I do besides do the best I can.

The shell beside it is where I put the food. 2 hrs prior to the picture it had 3 frozen worms( harvested from outside today,), hermit crab powder food and dried meal worms.







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