Keurig stuck and not brewing

Ok this morning my keurig would not brew coffee. The water was not passing from the tank through the machine.
I poured in vinegar into the tank and a bunch of white filmy stuff floated up even though I descaled it about a month ago and the descale button on my machine wasn’t lit.
I lightly scratched at the filter in the tank and more thicker filmy stuff (nasty) came off…. So far vinegar water is able to flow through. Maybe it is fixed?
I think I’ll let it descale some more for a couple of hours….
Here is the link I looked at for ideas….

Here is my google search


Update: it took forever for me to actually get all the vinegar out… Yuck… But my keurig is working again… Thank God, cause I was getting pissed that my less than a yr old expensive coffee machine might be broken…

Update: 12/8/12
I thought my keurig had bit the dust finally. About 2-3 months ago I put a keurig filter in my machine tank and it worked fine. The day after I changed the filter the lights started blinking at me. I thought it was at deaths door. So I had my hubby order me a new one for Christmas. However, after a whole day of soaking on vinegar water, it is working again… Sigh!!!


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