Homemade butter! Awesome!

homemade butter- directions

Follow the link above for step by step directions and pictures!

“Start with high-quality heavy cream. If you can get it from a farm, that’s a big bonus. Basically, the better your cream tastes, the higher quality your butter will be.”
Pour it in mixer…. Beat it until it separates, strain it… Add salt….

I sooo want to try this!

I did it I made butter!

Update: dec 9, 2011
Oh I’m just realizing I never posted my pictures of my butter.
Well my phone crashed so I lost my pictures. Sigh!!! Oh well! I didn’t need a lot of butter for the experiment do I only poured about a cup of less of the heavy cream and then put it in my kitchen aid mixer…
Now if only I could get a hold of unpastuerized heavy cream… I’ve heard that is even more incredible!
I was bummed when I read the “Ingredients” in my heavy whipping cream box… Wth I thought it would just be cream!!!

Here is another webpage make butter from raw milk


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