Miriam Pollack, circumcision: identity gender and power

Miriam Pollack on circumcision


“Circumcision may be an ancient rite, but it is wrong. Over the ages Judaism has demonstrated a remarkable ability to mutate in practice and retain the integrity of its spiritual legacy. Judaism was not vanquished when the first temple was destroyed, nor when the second temple was razed. The discarding of animal sacrifice as the primary mode of worship did not result in an unraveling of Jewish spirituality or continuity. Legally, Jewish identity is defined both by halachah (Jewish law) and by the Israeli Supreme court according to the status of the child’s mother: if the mother is Jewish, the child is Jewish. Circumcision does not trump maternal lineage.”
“Without compromising either our children’s identity or the survival of our people, we can invite all of our Jewish children, our baby girls and our baby boys, into a brit b’lee milah, a covenant without circumcision, and school them in the wisdom, love, and beauty of the Jewish tradition. Unlike Christianity, which teaches that a child is born into original sin and must be redeemed, Judaism teaches that the soul is pure — only the penis needs “redemption.” The truth is that the whole baby is pure, body and soul, including his tender genitals, and it is both a mitzvah and our most sacred duty to protect him.”

In the comments a poster wrote the below as a reply to the article.:
marc_a | 1 hours ago
As an intactivist I support your opposition to infant genital mutilation. But as a men’s rights activist, I disagree that circumcision is about male power. What you call “patriarchy” is really male *disposability.* Gender roles cause “patricarchy,” not the other way around. Both men AND women have imposed gender roles. Men had to work in dangerous conditions or fight wars the elite (both men and women) created and that women supported at about the same rate men did. You should read The Myth of Male Power byWarren Farrell. Men’s role has been one more of disposability and sacrifice than of privilege. FGM is not about men trying to control women’s pleasure. It’s usually mothers, who encourage FGM. And MGM was introduced in the U.S. and U.K., to control male masturbation. It’s not “fear of women.” It’s about controling pleasure but in *both* sexes, and *by* both sexes. The reason we don’t have words for a women’s genital wounds is because masculinity has been used to control men into disposing of themselves. Hence expressions like “grow a pair.” If a man’s genitals are destroyed he is “emasculated” because he has a role to play and he better fulfil that role. Men are still discriminated against in child custody, criminal sentencing, public benefits, domestic violence policies, and genital mutilation. We automatically protect female genitals but we don’t care when boys’ genitals are mutilated.
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