Why I Don’t Tell My Kids’ Doctor the Whole Truth Posted by cbplaner on December 7, 2011

I did not write this

don’t tell your kid’s dr everything

“But when you think about it, shouldn’t all doctors, unless you are a complete dumbass, be on a need to know basis? They are doctors, not priests; so what is the need for the confessional of every single detail of your child’s daily routine? I constantly hear people say, myself at times included, “I want to do “x” but first want to check in with the doctor.” Now, I know that doctors are good and necessary, but let’s keep in mind that 50% of doctors graduate in the bottom 50% of their class. And to quote Carlin, “Somewhere out there is the worst doctor in the world, and some idiot has an appointment with him tomorrow.” You should never rely on the advice of one person in regards to important decisions. Yet, many parents feel as though they need constant permission from a doctor in order to successfully raise their children. Please keep in mind, this theory of thinking does not apply to dumbasses, so if you know a dumbass and they read this, make sure you tell them that they need to ask a doctor first.

For instance, my Mush Man’s doctor asked me once whether or not I minded my son’s sleeping habits. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone enjoys the sleep habits of anybody who is trying to dictate their own, but I told her that I was fine with it. I told her I just take my cues from him and roll with it. She told me that what I was doing was perfect (and I am a child that went to school to work for grades and praise so I did enjoy the compliment). But she also told me not to attend to him the minute that he started crying. She told me to let him figure it out in his crib.

At this point, I could have told her that my baby doesn’t sleep in a crib, but who was I to ruin the nice visit we were having? So I just smiled. I mentally put her on the need to know basis, and I personally didn’t think that she needed to know this. Now, if my kid breaks out in blue spots and starts growing feathers then I will totally be calling up the doctor and throwing her ass into our inner circle, but until then, I think I will just stick with my instincts and perhaps a little bit of Google.”

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