I used to think that not circumcising was so weird. (taken from QCRIB on babycenter)

link to Questioning Circumcision and Raising intact boys piston baby center

Written by JesusFollower:

“I’m new here so I thought I would share my story. Before I even gave birth to my baby boy, I often lurked on the attachment parenting board here at Babycenter. One day, I was reading a post on the board, and someone was explaining that almost all AP parents embrace breastfeeding, babywearing, not letting baby cry, etc. Then she went on to say that some AP parents also are into cloth diapers, vegetarianism, not circing, etc. I tracked with her until I got to not circing. Not circumcise a boy??!! Now that’s just weird. Whatever. Some people just take things to extremes, I guess.
I didn’t really want to look into it. After all, if I researched it, perhaps the arguments would convince me, and then, my son wouldn’t be normal. Better just to ignore it, have it done, and if I regretted it someday, I did. But I was curious. Why wouldn’t someone circumcise? What’s the big deal? If there really were disadvantages, didn’t I owe it to my son to be informed?
In the end, I found the case against circumcision to be MUCH more compelling than any reasons given for it. I realized I had been completely ignorant about what the foreskin even is, let alone its important functions, both for male and female sexuality. I had no idea that the foreskin is the most sexually sensitive part of the whole male organ! It is NOT just a flap of skin, or a nerveless sheath. The absence of it changes the very mechanics of intercourse. This video by Marilyn Milos, founder of NOCIRC, explains this well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgoTRMKrJo4
I didn’t realize that on rare occasions, baby boys have even died from circumcision, actually, a greater number than adult men who die from penile cancer. Also, the majority of developed western nations do not circumcise routinely. Why not?
All of this enlightenment was a process, and I was still wavering on the decision throughout the pregnancy. My DH’s only concern was that our son not be made fun of, but I pointed out that circ rates are dropping, and he was unlikely to be the only one in a locker room intact. (At this point, even the thought of him being the lone intact boy would not sway me though)
As a Christian, I can understand how even the word circumcision can sound like it’s a good thing. After all, why would God have commanded it in the Old Testament? I learned that what is done today is far more extreme than what was done then (basically the cutting off of the end of the foreskin only). The procedure done now is much more involved, and requires separating the foreskin from the glans, crushing it, and then cutting it off. Regardless, the New Testament is clear that circumcision is no longer required. This should be cause for celebration! British, Australian, and Swedish Christians circumcise rarely. It’s only in the US that so many people are still culturally conditioned to do this.
Perhaps there are some slight medical benefits, however, they do not seem significant when I consider the value of the foreskin, and the risks of circumcision.
Hope this helps those of you making this decision. I’m SO glad I learned enough about this before going ahead and having it done to my son. If, for some unlikely reason, he wants it done someday, that’s a possibility. I doubt he will, but if so, he can have more than adequate pain medication and an exact cut. If I’d had him circumcised, I would have taken that choice away from him. I’ve learned that many adult men are unhappy about being circumcised, and some even try to restore some of what was lost. They will go to great lengths to try to get back some of what they were born with in full. Check out the message boards at http://foreskin-restoration.net/forum/, especially the subforum on Grief. There’s no way to know which boys will grow up to feel that way. Oh, and cleaning is simple. Even if I wanted to clean under the foreskin, I couldn’t because it’s fused to the glans and not retractible at this point.
I’d also like to recommend this video, Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSM-SkwGEf0 by a Georgetown professor. Calm, clear, with a touch of humor.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to message me if you want to discuss this issue. :)”

baby center link to QCRIB post


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