Duggars photos of stillborn

Ok, today on my Facebook news feed an article popped up that Michelle Duggar of the TLC channel, 19 and counting, had photos taken of her 19 week gestation stillborn and a family member tweeted them on the Internet.

The article I read expressed someone’s view that taking pictures of the stillborn was horrific and no mother of a stillborn child would contemplate that. This person said they only took pics because they are tv stars and wanted more fame.
I call bullshit! I may not like the Duggar lifestyle..(quiverfull)… But the loss of a child in pregnancy is horrific, not the pictures. Pictures are a thing of beauty.

I miscarried at 11 weeks pregnant but baby growth was at 7 weeks gestation. I tried to miscarry naturally but after a few days of extreme pain and heavy bleeding I allowed my family to pressure me into a d-and-c to clear my lifeless baby out of my uterus.
I was devastated especially when I requested the remains and they said there wouldn’t be anything of consequence to give me. I mourned for months, even into my next pregnancy.

Below are several links… One of a woman’s story with pictures Of her baby which she miscarried at roughly the same gestational age of my own. another link of the article I read about the Duggars. There are also two additional blogger posts on this. Of The pictures below the first with the hand and the one with the feet are the Duggar pictures. The other picture was of a 6 week gestation baby, it is from the a different blog and the rest are pictures obtained from the web.
Update: I just found the other one with her holding the baby’s feet! So precious! I’m also adding another blog post from another blogger.
I’m not a volcano- jubilee duggar article

woman who miscarried at 6 weeks. pictures of the child

duggar- yahoo news link

another blog written about the Duggar’s baby Jubilee. this one a good article.






Update: 4/1/12
They showed it on tlc for this season.


4 thoughts on “Duggars photos of stillborn

  1. I just recently lost my baby at 18wks an 5days old on father day this year,2yrs ago I was pregnant an my water broke at 19wks i had a choice to vaginally push out or a D&E I chose a the D&E this was my 1st pregnancy I didn’t have very much knowledge what was going on an they told me being as though i was only 19wks that the placenta might not come out(if i had the baby vaginally) an they will have to go in an scrap my cervix,which could have been more problems for the future an me having kids,I wish i would pushed my baby out,I still don’t know if it was a boy or girl I felt like I had abortion,today I still think about what was it,how did he or she look,well it happen again my water breaking too early,the best thing i can say is i saw her,I held her her,kissed her got pics of her,some people ask me how could i look at her or take pic my answer is she mine,a person would never know how,until they experience they’re self an not having any children at all,an having the opportunity to be able to be a mom for them minutes,right before they take the baby from you im greatful i had that chance “GOD BLESS ALL WHO HAD TO ENDORE WHAT I HAD TOO”

    • i have never known anyone to feel the same that I do….I have been “different” because I GET this. I NEED to hang on for as long as I can when it comes to the loss of a loved one…how much MORE for a baby!! I held my precious neice who strangled herself i the birth canal….I NEEDED to hold her…my sister could not even LOOK at the baby…depression lasted fifteen years for her…..she was sorry she had not held her. what is the difference if the child was born full term or just weeks old? it is the CHILD of that person!!!! I think these photos are precious and beautiful

      • I do too. I had 9 miscarriages, never got to see any of my babies. I wish I could have had pics and held them. I am empty because of that when I think of them.

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