Flying with children

Flying with my children should be illegal!
We took a flight from Orlando to Charlotte, NC….and all was relatively well until the end when my almost 5 yr old had a melt down because it was time to turn off the electronics. I was in the small, tiny, microscopic sized bathroom with my almost 3 yr old who was smothering me with the gases that were escaping from his body As he pooped.
So my eldest was hollering , my hubby was about to snap, I was gagging and my youngest was a pooping stinking angel…
After the flight we were supposed to get on another flight from Charlotte to Chattanooga Airport…. Instead we went to special services, asked for our luggage to be unloaded, rented a SUV and drove 6 hrs to Chatanooga, picked up our car at the airport there and then drove the hour home back to the mountain.
Although this option was more exhausting it wasn’t nearly as stressful as waiting and then flying and then driving…
The boys slept for 2-3 hrs from Charlotte to Knoxville, tn…. We stopped to eat and moved on.
We are glad we are home now!
Our vacation to visit family was nice per-say, but very exhausting and stressful….
We did Christmas presents with several families, celebrated new yr, visited more family, saw Sherlock Holmes 2 (very good), visited more family, went to Orlando, stayed at the ritzy Waldorf-Astoria courtesy of my Inlaws, went to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kibgdom with my 2 spoiled (our fault) children for our 2 yr old nephew’s birthday celebration, hopped on a plane, hopped off a plane, hopped in a rental car, then hopped in our car, then jumped head first into bed so my youngest could wake me up at 5 am……

Didn’t you get tired just reading this!!!
Stress stress stress!
Me and my hubby prefer quiet vacations. A pool, movies, restaurants, a comfy bed and a wide open space for the kids to run and be wild…
Our kids don’t sit in strollers quietly, they tackle each other, laugh and be rambunctious little hellions!
I don’t do crowds well especially with my my children.

Excuse typos I’m too tired to proofread



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