ill advised blog- tackling circumcision

My response:
I read this when it first came out but has taken me a while to actually post….
I love the ill-advised parenting advice. It is usually hilarious.
Although the writing above is funny, the subject is not a laughing matter.
Many people consider circumcising infants and young children a human right violation. This is the permanent alteration of the sexual organ, possibly causing damage. You never know if your son is the one who will have bad adhesions, start hemmoraging, get meantal stenosis (sp?), or painful erections as an adult….
You don’t know what the final cosmetic, physical, emotional, and mental effect /impact this elective unnecessary surgery could have on your child.
It is not a parental right, it should not be a parental decision unless there actually is a true medical need, which is very rare….
This body modification, genital modification, should be chosen by and not forced on the owner of the genitals… Be the owner a male or female or hermaphrodite …. It is their body, their sex life, their choice.

I love your blog and I do have a sense of humor but this post and many of the comments breaks my heart….


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