Reason: no right way

Reason: there is no right way to cut a baby
(for some reason the graphic I am trying to post wont upload)
It looks like a Reeses peanut butter cup package but instead of Reeses says reason…

Taken from the whole networks fb page graphic competition.


My response on a babycenter circumcision post:

We do not own our children. We guide them through childhood and advise them as they grow…
Circumcision is not a family or parental right.
It is his body, his penis, his choice.

In no other circumstance are you allowed to have healthy nondiseased/non deformed body parts amputated.

Your son has a right to his entire body, no just the parts the parents elect to keep.

Would you amputate the inner labia and clitoral hood of your Infant daughter? You cant… No matter your preference it is illegal in this country…. Girls are protected by law from even a ceremonial blood letting on their genitals (without amputation or permenant injury)
Girls are protected…. Why arent boys afforded the same protection?

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