Restoration site

Since I’m always posting about not circumcising I would like to add one more post…. One for men who are circumcised…. I just ran across this site in an unrelated search…. It’s a product used to cover the glans. Seems Interesting.

manhood wrap

update: I added the sites below when I noticed people looking at this post. There are many men out there who have restored, are restoring or are thinking about restoring their foreskin. Although they cannot truly get back what was taken from them they can through effort achieve some success. Simply google foreskin restoration, tlc tugger, dtr foreskin restoration , etc…. You can also find discussion boards and forums for men by either browsing the links here or by surfing the net. (parents please consider how circumcising your infant sons will effect them eventually as grown men…. Yes many men are fine with it but many men are not.)
A good blog and information site


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