Pork loin or roast

Get a pork loin of roast
Get plenty of garlic, peel it and crush it
Horizontally slice the roast almost completely in half…
Put the crushed garlic in between the halves of raw pork
Squirt the roast with lemon juice and cooking wine.

Cover with foil- cook until all red and pink is gone from the meat and the pork is well done.
Depending on your cut of pork you can either slice it or shred/ pull it apart…

Use light soy sauce and garlic
And follow the same Instructions above.

Use what you like. I don’t like salty meats do I usually don’t add much salt but I love garlic and may over do it.
Season to your preference… Never over do it on the seasoning.
Keeping the pork covered with foil while roasting it keeps it nice and juicy.

You can marinate over night but I usually don’t.


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