Refreshing sangria-like drink

Ahhh today I made a nice refreshing sangria-like frozen drink

I blended
Blush (rose wine)
Frozen strawberries
Frozen peaches
Added wine to the consistency I wanted.
Added a splash of lemon line soda.

I personally like sweeter fruity wines so I used a blush but a light red or white will work
You can maybe try blending frozen mango and pineapple with a light sweet white…
Or cherries and blackberries with a red (remember with blackberries you will get seeds in your drink)

Vary you concoction based on your wine preferences… If you like very dry wines then blending frozen fruits into your wine may not be for you…

My mother in law buys an Italian Spumante (like champagne but made in Italy) that is mixed with peaches…
Slightly bubbly and divine.

Stone haus has an orange squeeze and a red muscadine wine that my hubby and I like. I wonder what
I could blend into those…..
I’m thinking strawberries…….
Although maybe some mango in the orange squeeze ….


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