Egg-less chocolate mousse pie with strawberries

I got the basis for the eggless mousse here:,1837,136160-229201,00.html


My alterations were as follows:
I am only giving approximate measurements as I don’t measure….

So I was making 2 pies… Used premise graham cracker crusts…

In a glass bowl I followed the above directions… Mostly…
I used 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, put in about 3-4 tsps of vanilla, about 6-7oz of semi sweet chocolate chips and about 1/4 cup of coco baking powder….
Mixed and microwaved until mixed completely…approx 2-3 minutes

Meanwhile I whipped up about 3-4 cups of whipped cream using heavy whipping cream… About a pint and a half…
I sliced strawberries and lined the bottom of the crusts with the strawberries…
I followed the above recipe instructions and folded the chocolate mixture into the whipped cream until thoroughly mixed and with peaks…
Then I poured/spooned/slopped on top of the strawberries the mousse, sprinkled coco powder on top and stuck in the fridge. A few hours and a dinner party will tell me if this is any good.

I will also slice more strawberries and make a slightly sweetened with powdered sugar whipped cream for a optional pie topping…


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