Hubby’s birthday

So today was my hubby’s 32nd 33rd birthday.
He scheduled me a dr appt for a physical so I had to fast so I was bitchy to him this morning… I hate going to the dr for anything…. At least I opted out of the pap… I wasn’t prepared mentally or physically for that…
But then afterwards I went to the grocery store and bought chicken breasts to make chicken Parmesan for dinner.
I first made a lemon pound cake. I cheated and used a box mix of pound cake and added lemon juice and lemon curd to the mix and then drizzled a butter, powdered sugar, lemon curd concoction onto the cake after it cooled.

The chicken parm a la Roxanne has no actual Parmesan in it.
I dipped the thinned (horizontally halved) chicken breast in an egg and water mixture, cover it in Italian bread crumbs with extra Italian seasoning and garlic salt, fry it up, bake it for a while, smother it in my fav sauces or sauce and mozzarella cheese, cover it in foil and bake until the sauce is hot…

Make a side of spaghetti noodles and wah-la

Since, we’d been sick I took the dinner over to the student commons room and several friends met us and joined us for cake and dinner.


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