Yesterday, I drove an hr on the highway to get crickets for the toad. The pet store in the small town next to us closed and really there anin’t much here in TN or at least in my neck of the woods.
Do I drove an hour out to Murfreesboro to go to petco, snuck over to micheal’s craft store and then knowing I had to still drive an hour back and beat my boy’s school by 2:30… I e desired to find one of the Publix grocery stores in Murfreesboro….and I found it….!!!
It was wonderful!!!
I miss Publix! Publix meats, deli, produce and selection of goods…..
Oh and I got sushi rolls!!! Yeah!!!!
Yesterday, made me sooooo happy! I was bouncing the rest of the day.
I know it seems silly to be so happy about a grocery store…. But yes I’m that lame! 😝

Oh and my keurig box of 96 coffees came in yesterday….



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