One hermit died

Sadly, one of our big hermit crabs died. Either sunsun or sunshine. I think it was sunsun.
I’m not sure why.
I’m debating about telling The boys or just burying him without telling the boys….
I don’t feel that tossing him in the trash would be proper. Maybe I should put him in the compost pile……
I’m really heart broken……

Update: I believe the dead hermit is sunshine as sunshine was always the shy one and sunsun is always the one who easily pops his head out of his shell to say hello…. The big one that is left easily pops out when I call him….

I told my oldest yesterday that his crab died. My oldest had me unbury/exhume the poor crab do that he could see for himself….
I figured this would be the case so before burying the crab I placed him in a big clam shell and in a paper bag…. So he was easy to find.

Update: 5/12/12: about 2 weeks ago I bought 3 tiny ones…. They’ve disappeared in the habitat…. Probably molting…..


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