Attacked on babycenter

Wow! Out of the blue a “lady”(term used loosely) personal messages on me to tell me that I was obsessed with Infant penis….
Normally, I may not respond or “feed the troll” but I was incensed and irritated that some stranger out of nowhere decided for no reason to attack me and my views.
The conversation is below with “her name” erased.
I left my typos because well Im only human and I’m on my touch screen and auto correct is always screwing me up….

From: (name erased)
To: You
Subject: just a note
Date: 5/27/12 12:30AM
For: For profile
I find your obsession with infant penis not only highly offensive, but completely unhealthy. The only threads that you post on are threads having to do with circumcision.

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From: You
To: (name erased)
Subject: Re: just a note
Date: 5/31/12 09:35PM
I’m not obsessed about Infant penises. I’m am concerned with protecting children from unnecessary surgery and informing parents that this elective surgery can have horrible consequences. I inform. I don’t personal care about your choices or your preferences. I care about protecting children. I’m sorry my caring and concern for the welfare of young children eho cannot protect themselves offends you. Injuring children offends me and people who advocate harming children offends me.
If the child in question was a girl and I advocated for her to be left genitally intact/whole/natural you wouldn’t call me offensive but because I care about the protection of both sexes, leaving girls and boys as nature intended, not harming the persons of either sex you find my stance offensive and you know what I don’t give a care what you think. I will continue to advocate for the protection of both sexes from genital amputation surgeries on I consenting (unconsenting) victimized minors. I don’t answer concerns about female genital mutilation on babycenter because well that’s not much of a concern here in the USA as it is illegal in all forms be it a pin prick, the removal of a sliver of skin or full removal external genitalia… The USA has a fascination with harming boys and I advocate the protection of boys and girls. Period.

From: You
To: (name erased)
Subject: Re: just a note
Date: 6/1/12 08:26PM
No answer?
Again I find harming Infants offensive and unhealthy….
God Bless
James 1:2-3

(name erased)
To: You
Subject: Re: just a note
Date: 6/1/12 10:28PM
I didn’t really read what you wrote. I am sure it was biased nonsense. I will circ my babies, and frankly it’s none of your business. If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for my boys. 🙂

To: (name erased)
Subject: Re: just a note
Date: 6/1/12 11:22PM
Actually, I didn’t waste my time on giving you biased nonsense… My only question for you after search your posts…
If seems you’ve had trouble conceiving or keeping pregnancies so why with a viable healthy child would you submit them to a potentially dangerous surgery for non-medical reasons?
Seems silly.

I finding harming children offensive and unhealthy.

To: (name erased)
Subject: Re: just a note
Date: 6/1/12 11:33PM
Jesus was also born of a virgin,
Whipped, crowned with thorns, carried his own cross and was crucified with nails in his hands and feet….
Circumcision is harming a child.……

For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

From (name erased)
To: You
Subject: Re: just a note
Date: 6/1/12 11:51PM
One and only warning. If you PAN me one more time I am reporting you. This is harassment. You can quote wiki to me all day, I don’t care. I don’t have to justify my decisions about my sons penis to you! You creep me out. And I am sure I am not the only person on BBC that you have done this to. Find a new hobby. As I stated in my first email to you..I find your obsession with little boys penis weird and offensive.


From: (you)
To: (name erased)
Subject: You attacked me. You wrote me.
Date: 6/2/12 07:53AM
I did not attack you. You wrote me. I did nothing to you. Period.


I do feel this was very childish behavior on both our parts. I should have stopped or just not responded. I did report her though for the personal attack and I only did it out of spite because she didn’t offend me… Her ignorance and meanness offends me though


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