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As I have already remarked, when it comes to religiously motivated circumcision we are dealing with two sets of conflicting rights: of adults to practise their religion, and of children to bodily integrity and their own religious freedom. It is thus very difficult to find a legal formula that will protect the majority of boys while allowing those with strong convictions to follow their traditions. In view of the religious passions involved, a blanket ban is unlikely to be contemplated by politicians, and would not be accepted by the circumcising sub-cultures even if it were. A prohibition with exceptions for Jews, Muslims and certain Indigenous Australian communities would give rise to the paradox that their children enjoyed fewer human rights and legal protections than everybody else. A general law privileging the existing situation – unfettered parental choice – would be even worse, as it would allow any parents to circumcise their boys (and why not girls?) with no valid reason at all.

Given that NTC is already of borderline legality, what is needed is not so much a law prohibiting it, but a change of attitude. The prevailing “she’ll be right” approach holds that circumcision is always OK unless something goes disastrously wrong. This is such a contrast with the ultra-protective attitude to girls (with fierce laws against female genital mutilation in all states) that we can reasonably see boys as victims of sexist discrimination. This attitude must change to the point where NTC of male minors is regarded as generally unacceptable but permitted in certain circumstances for valid,
specified reasons.

unrelated to the article above
Yesterday, on a facebook parenting group, there was a picture saying circumcision, foot binding, ear piercing, intentional bodily scarring of children was wrong.
A responder/commenter to picture said that they had their son circumcised with anesthesia and it didn’t bother the boy at all and any future sons will be cut
Her daughter doesn’t have her ear’s pierced because she wants her daughter to ask and want them pierced….
What the hell! The total hypocrisy!


taken from the guggie daly on Facebook



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