What my hermits eat….

Ok, interests in hermit crabs has been showing up on my search feed so I will say a bit about how it’s been working out for me.

Currently, I have 4 live hermit crabs. In the year and a half since I’ve started with hermit crabs i’ve lost 2. One after a yr shortly after i changed the substrate from coconut fiber to sand and one after a few weeks of ownership. So I’ve had a total of 6, 2 big, 1 medium (the originals) and 3 tiny. I’ve lost only one of the big originals and one of the newcomers.
This is what I’ve learned.
My hermit crabs are purple pincher, at least that’s what I was told.

Occasionally, I put the yellow flukers cricket calcium fortified cricket quencher in their water dish.
I used rabbit food pellets, hermit crab powdered food, flukers cricket food, dried shrimp, rabbit dried veg treats, bird food, and occasionally fresh fruits.

I prefer the coconut fiber substrate.

When not traveling the hermits live in a huge plastic clear storage container with holes drilled in the lid.

At home I do have a small heating pad stuck to the side of the plastic container. *warning, do not place the heavy plastic container on top of the heating pad, it will melt the plastic and be a possible fire hazard. usually, the temperature in my house is around 75 degrees but there is high humidity in the habitat. Ido have a temperature and humidity gage in their habitat.

I try not to unbury the hermit crabs while molting but in emergencies I gently use a plastic spoon to dig it out, put in a plastic dish filled with substrate, bury it slightly and put a hut over it. The plastic dish I do place in the bigger habitat so that when it is finished molting it can crawl out and join its friends.

At one point I had a three footed toad (a toad with 4 legs but 3 feet) housed with the hermit crabs for about 8 months. I swear the hermits ate the toad’s poop. I also saw the hermits hunting and catching the crickets.

When traveling, I placed the hermits in a smaller portable habitat made out of a clear office storage box with holes in the sides and a latch lid.pictures below of the travel case as we are currently traveling)











I know many people are worried about making their hermit crabs sick but I have at times Introduced slugs, snails and worms to them from the outside during the time that the toad lived with them. I also included branches from outside. They loved the bark.
At one point they shared their habitat with about 10 slugs because well the slugs for the toad laid eggs and then their were baby slugs. There is still one resident slug in the habitat. It has been there since it hatched




Someone gave me their pet hermit crab because it quit moving around and they figured it was unhappy.
This was its habitat.



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