I’m considering homemade dog food

Ok, one of my dogs… The one who had ccl knee surgery last year has been having horrible skin problems. Currently, I have her on a half tablet of Zyrtec (or generic brand) 2x a day to help keep her eyes from swelling and to keep her skin and ears relatively clear.
She is on taste of the wild brand dog food, the salmon one.
And either the taste of the wild salmon canned food or California natural salmon and sweet potato canned food

A year ago for some reason she became covered in scabs and was diagnosed with an infection of the hair follicles. She was good for a year but has reverted back into skin and ear problems.

I’m looking into preparing her own canned food and and still using the TOW salmon kibble.

I’m thinking about either using canned salmon or cooked chicken mixed with white rice or oatmeal, maybe sweet potato and frozen mixed veg…. Also adding fish, coconut or olive oil,
My dogs also love apples, bananas, carrots.

I know there are concerns about being nutritionally balanced…. But I figure I’m not too nutritionally balanced all the time and if I at least make an effort we are in the clear….
Plus, making our own food seems a bit cheaper than buying a crap load of canned dog food

This will only be part of her diet.




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