Joseph4gi on the to-be-released soon aap statement summary on circumcision

Below is only a small portion of joseph4gi’s criticism. Click the link to read the entire article.

What data was used to come to this conclusion? Were other methods of prevention considered? And, again, why have other medical organizations in the world come to this conclusion?

I have read the entire thing, and I can already tell readers, it focuses myopically on how to necessitate circumcision. Not a word on alternatives. Worse than that, it fearmongers by insisting over and over again that parents should be encouraged to circumcise in infancy “because it is when they can benefit more from it.” (Nevermind countries that do well without it.) They also skim over the fact that older men would be less than likely to buy this crap and refuse to undergo circumcision in adulthood, but instead of respecting older men’s decisions, trampling over their basic human rights to choice over their own bodies seems to be a REASON to recommend circumcision in children, and it is ignored as the very crux of the ethical debate. Basically, a blatant endorsement of abuse, where I define it as taking advantage of those smaller, and weaker and unable to fend for themselves.

another good article from joseph4gi:


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