Quotes on common sense and ignorance

I feel I should clarify just because in some Instances someone chooses ignorance over understanding or not thinking over common sense doesn’t mean they do everything without thought and in ignorance.
Just because someone chooses understanding and knowledge over ignorance or uses common sense in certain instances doesn’t mean they always do so……

So we must be careful that when we judge someone’s actions we don’t judge them as a whole. Just because they have done something we may or may not agree with does not define them as a person.

Ok now onto quotes…..

“In this life you’ve got to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and take whatever God sends.”
― L.M. Montgomery
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“intuition is always right in at least two important ways;
It is always in response to something.
it always has your best interest at heart”
― Gavin de Becker, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

“Common sense is seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be.”
― Harriet Beecher Stowe
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“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.”
― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you?”
― Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

“Many who are self-taught far excel the doctors, masters, and bachelors of the most renowned universities.”
― Ludwig von Mises

“Maybe the problem was that we never struggled. We just coasted along. The thing about coasting is that it usually means you’re going downhill.”
― Molly Harper, And One Last Thing …

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It is a common sentence that Knowledge is power; but who hath duly considered or set forth the power of Ignorance? Knowledge slowly builds up what Ignorance in an hour pulls down. Knowledge, through patient and frugal centuries, enlarges discovery and makes record of it; Ignorance, wanting its day’s dinner, lights a fire with the record, and gives a flavour to its one roast with the burnt souls of many generations.

GEORGE ELIOT, Daniel Deronda

It is as useless to fight against the interpretations of ignorance as to whip the fog.

GEORGE ELIOT, Middlemarch

There is little hope for us until we become toughminded enough to break loose from the shackles of prejudice, half-truths, and downright ignorance. The shape of the world today does not permit us the luxury of softmindedness. A nation or a civilization that continues to produce softminded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., A Testament of Hope

The insolence of the vulgar is in proportion to their ignorance. They treat everything with contempt which they do not understand.

WILLIAM HAZLITT, Characteristics



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