Damn my keurig

I like the keurig I really do, but I never remember to buy distilled or filtered water and because of this my keurig is constantly either making loud noise, not brewing or flashing lights at me.
Currently, it is flashing the *add water and small cup symbols at me. (While the tank is practically full) So I’m going to let vinegar water sit in it for a couple of days and use my back up coffee maker. Im frustrated because I just flushed my system 2 weeks ago!!!

Of course Keurig knows they’ve got me, if this keurig breaks I would buy another one….

On a side note: eight o’clock coffee came out with k-cups. I found them at Walmart. I bought the hazelnut! Yummy!



Update: I just used my keurig points to help purchase a water filter starter kit…


Update: until my filter system comes in I will be using distilled water


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