Conscience parenting: things-i-know-now-after-having-two-kids-that-nobody-else-will-tell-you

This was absolutely hilarious! I can so emphasize, sympathize, and pasteurize….. Um…. I get what this person is saying…

5. Everyone finds boogers in their sheets, on their walls or on their sofas. I really don’t have anything more to add to it other than if you think you don’t, then you clearly live alone. The foundation on my house might someday give out, but the booger blockade will keep the structure standing. True story.

3. Everybody lets their washer sit and rewash a couple cycles before moving it to the dryer. Once upon a time, I did all of my laundry. Like every single bit of cloth that wasn’t stapled or nailed down to something. And I felt more accomplished than a Nobel Peace Prize winner. That was until my family took it upon themselves to disrespect me and my peace prize by taking off their dirty clothes and putting on clean ones. After that, I just gave up. So I always have a load on….it just might happen to be Wednesday’s load still hanging around and getting extra clean in the washer on Friday. Let’s be real. The only way all of those clothes are getting done is if we start burning them when we take them off. And that would be wrong.





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